[Can the baby drink honeysuckle water]_Children_Benefits

[Can the baby drink honeysuckle water]_Children_Benefits

Many babies often get angry because they have a simple diet.

At this time, moms and dads do n’t want their babies to take some medicine, so they think of using honeysuckle to boil water for their babies.

So, can the baby drink honeysuckle water?

In fact, for some children, a small amount of honeysuckle water is not a problem, but it is also recommended that parents should not blindly drink honeysuckle water to their children.

Baby can drink honeysuckle when getting angry!

Honeysuckle has antipyretic and antiviral effects. When your baby gets angry, drink some honeysuckle soaked in water, which helps to relieve fire.

However, as far as one year old is concerned, do not drink as much as possible. In addition, honeysuckle water is relatively cold. Eat it in moderation and do not drink more.

What else can a baby eat when he gets angry?

1. Give your baby more fiber fresh vegetables and fruits.

Foods such as lotus root, radish, bitter gourd, watermelon, pear, grapefruit, grapefruit, coconut, orange, hard persimmon, mangosteen, tomato and other cold fruits and apple, grape, orange, papaya, strawberry, cherry, mulberry, etc.Fruit intake.

2. Try to provide the baby with too much greasy food cooked with deep-fried and braised secret recipe.

3, to control your baby’s snacks, especially to eat high-oil, high-sugar refined processed foods.

4. Supplement the baby with high-quality protein, and use stewing and steaming methods to cook.

Eggs, lean meat, fish, beans and other high-quality protein should be adequately supplied, but animal proteins should be selected in small quantities and not too greasy.

In cooking, many recipes such as stewing and steaming are used.

5, let your baby eat spicy spicy food.

Eat less spicy and irritating foods to keep your stools dry and turbid.

6, provide the baby with light porridge soup.

Parents can let children eat more mung bean porridge, lotus leaf porridge or mung bean soup, lotus seed soup (not lotus heart).

7, can let your baby eat more hawthorn, yam and other spleen appetizers, digestion and accumulation of food.