[How long does it take to drink milk tea before returning milk?

】 _Weaning_Efficacy

[How long does it take to drink milk tea before returning milk?
】 _Weaning_Efficacy

Breastfeeding mothers know that daily diet has a great relationship with milk production.

However, when the baby reaches a certain age, the mothers must also be weaned to return to normal work.

For mothers with too much milk, returning milk is also a more difficult task, and they will face ups and downs and pain and the waste of spilled milk, so they will choose to drink milk tea to assist in returning milk.

So, how long does it take to drink milk tea?

It takes a few days to return to the milk. Experts say that it takes several days to return to the milk, which varies from person to person. Some mothers naturally only need 2 days to return to the milk, and some mothers have been using medicines to return to the milk.

Therefore, it takes a few days to return milk to generalize.

However, the return time is generally about one week.

How many days after weaning?

At present, major hospitals have not recommended that mothers take milk-reducing medicines or breast-feeding needles to retreat milk.

In fact, it takes a few days to a week or so for the mother to completely drain the milk.

In the process of returning milk, some mothers blindly adopted the so-called quick-acting weaning method without drinking soup. They even held up and down with towels and sealed the nipples with adhesive tape.

This obviously violates the physiological laws, and it can easily cause breast tenderness.

Therefore, we must return milk scientifically. In addition, weaning dual mothers and babies matters. In this process, fathers also play a key role.

For example, before weaning, let the father or family coax the baby to sleep, the mother avoids for a while, and then try to encourage the baby to drink more milk and so on.

Returning milk Food has a lot to do with diet. If you eat some returning food while returning milk, you can do more with less.

Common back-to-milk foods include barley tea, hawthorn, leek, bitter gourd, etc., but the specific back-to-milk effect may vary from person to person, and some mothers may perform well, and some mothers may not have obvious effects after consumption.

If the effect of food returning milk is not great, the doctor should formulate the method of returning milk at this time.

Barley tea: 40 grams of barley, drink as water every day, you can return to milk in a few days.

Zanthoxylum: 12 grams of Zanthoxylum, add 500 milliliters of water, cook to 250 milliliters, add 30 grams of brown sugar, one dose can usually relieve the increase in milk, and you can return to milk twice.

Leek: You can eat more leek during milking to help with milking.

Bitter Gourd: Bitter Gourd is a cold food. Eating more can help return milk.

Green tea: It can replace boiling water during weaning and help mothers return milk.

Crab: Crab is cold food and has the effect of returning milk.

Hawthorn: Raw hawthorn, dried hawthorn can return milk.

Shengguya: Take it with 40g of decoction. It usually shows effect in two days.

Cold and spicy things: beer, tea, frankincense, and chocolate.

Sour vegetables: purslane, cucumber, winter melon, bitter gourd, vegetable, etc.

There are also hawthorn, orange, grapefruit, pomegranate, olive, plum, American ginseng, ginseng, dandelion, chives, white radish, beans, malan, carrot; pumpkin, toon, winter mushroom, eggplant, coriander, bamboo shoot, daylily, Chinese cabbage, Fennel, monosodium glutamate, mint, salt, vinegar, soy sauce, too much ginger, tempeh, maltose, sweet potato, corn, glutinous rice, tea, pork liver, vinegar, sesame, pigeon, oatmeal, etc.