Old hair loss?

14 secret recipes to help you

Old hair loss?
14 secret recipes to help you

Seasonally, many people will find that hair loss is getting more and more serious, and some people even worry that hair will lose light.

In fact, don’t worry.

There are many reasons for hair loss, which are closely related to the function of the human internal organs.

Insufficient blood and visceral dysfunction in the human body will cause the hair to lose nutrients and cause hair loss.

Today, introduce 14 secret recipes to solve your hair loss problem.


Hair loss, dandruff, itchy itch: 4 yuan each time with mulberry root bark, water 2 kg, plus vinegar 2 two boiled and washed, once a day, do not use water over the wash after washing, for 5 days, can promote scalp blood circulationIt has a solidifying effect and cures dandruff, itchy head and regenerable hair.


Peony petals for hair loss: Take 1000 grams of peony petals, wash and dry.

Take 1 gram of petals and tea in the morning and evening, and put the cup in boiling water.

Even after drinking for about 20 days, hair loss can be stopped or improved.


Rice vinegar soaked tobacco leaves for hair loss: take 30 grams of tobacco leaves, soak in about 90 ml of rice vinegar for 10 days, rub the affected area with cotton swabs, 3 times a day, the itch is felt after rubbing for several hours, the new disease is generally 3- 5 days will have cashmere.


Walnut ice anti-hair loss: walnut ice 2, 3 scorpions, 30 grams of arborvitae leaves, ice water amount.

The first 3 flavors are smashed and soaked in ice water (or snow water) for 3 weeks.

When combing, comb the hair with a comb.

Its efficacy prevents hair loss.


Treatment of seborrheic alopecia: 15 grams of sclerotium, one dose per day, decoction, first smoked and shampooed, washed with water, usually 3 doses.


Pig bile treatment for hair loss: 1 pig gall.

Pour the pig bile into the warm water of the half-basin, wash the head or the affected area after mixing, remove the oily scales, and rinse with water once a day.

This side is especially suitable for seborrheic alopecia.


Platycladus orientalis hair loss: 30 grams of arborvitae leaves, 20 grams of angelica.

The medicine is decoctioned with water and then taken to the slag for juice.

Take 1 dose a day and take it in 2 divided doses.


Angelica black sesame treatment hair loss: Angelica, black sesame seeds each 250 grams, brown sugar right amount.

Angelica, black sesame seeds are slightly fried and then ground into fine.

Take 1 scoop with brown sugar water after each meal, take 3 times a day, and even serve for 2 months.


The medicinal wine cures hair loss: 100 grams of ginger, 100 grams of white birch, and the appropriate amount of cypress leaves, soaked in 700 grams of white wine, the longer the soaking time, the better the effect.

Soak the wine and apply it to the affected area.

This party is not suitable for internal use.
Toon walnut treatment: 6 raw scorpions (sold in Chinese medicine shop), 4 walnuts, both drugs are shelled and smashed, 50 grams of arborvitae leaves, three drugs are mixed, 200 grams of light salt water, soak 7In days, you can use it.

When using: Use a comb to rub the liquid, keep combing the hair, and moisten the hair twice a day. After 2-3 months, the hair is no longer replaced, smooth and black.


Black bean paste cures hair loss: 500 grams of black beans, 500 grams of medlar, 60 grams of dandelion, 150 grams of rock sugar.

Put the black beans, scallions, dandelions (gauze bags) into the casserole, add some water to the paste, add the dandelion slag, add the rock sugar, simmer and dry, and store the bottle for storage.

3 times a day, 20 grams each time, take an empty stomach before meals.

Application: alopecia areata, hair loss, seborrheic dermatitis.


To cure the hair: Ginger and simmer in a small amount of water for a while, then apply the water to the cleaned hair, then put the hair up for about half an hour, then let go, dry naturally, and wash it after about half a day.

For a month, hair loss may be a try.


Treating seborrheic alopecia with sclerotium: Take 45 grams of sclerotium, decoction and wash your hair, wash it for 20 minutes each time, do not rinse your hair with water after washing.

One dose per day, more effective on the 3rd day of treatment, showed a significant reduction in hair, scalp itching, and continued to adhere to medication.


Summer hair loss with melon skin shampoo: summer hair is sticky and uncomfortable, replacement hair loss, dandruff, modern medicine is called seborrheic alopecia, Chinese medicine believes that it is related to “wet poison”.

To deal with seborrheic alopecia, you can wash your hair with winter melon skin.

Because winter melon skin is the best product for clearing summer heat and dampness, the right side can be infiltrated with melon skin water for a while, then the head is washed with water.