10 minutes a day, away from nervousness

10 minutes a day, away from nervousness

Mental stress and increased stress are common problems for modern people. However, there is no need to worry about uneasiness. Some effective methods can alleviate the mental burden.

Russia’s “Reader’s Digest” magazine recently reported that you can try the following seven methods in a week, as long as 10 minutes a day, master one of them, you can withstand the tension.

  Sit still and rest.

Take a quiet sit for 5-10 minutes a day and concentrate on your feelings.

When you sit still, your heart rate will slow down, your blood pressure will drop, and your mental symptoms will improve.

  Laughing loudly.

Take some things that you can laugh at, such as funny text messages, jokes, and jokes with colleagues and family, and watch comedy.

When you laugh, the hormone cortisone and adrenaline that cause tension in your body will decrease and your immunity will increase.

This effect lasts for 24 hours.

When a group of volunteers was notified that they would see an interesting film, their mood improved immediately.

  Enjoy the music.

The United States conducted a trial in which college students were asked to prepare reports.

One group is very quiet while the other is playing music.

The results showed that college students who were quietly preparing to report had higher blood pressure and accelerated pulse, while students who worked while listening to music had stable blood pressure and pulse.

So if you are facing an urgent task, listen to light music first.

  Think more about good things.

Find some time, even for a few minutes, think about the dear people or valuable things for you.

You can also think of a picture of “quiet vacation”.

We often feel that we have a mental burden because we cannot bear dissatisfaction, grievances and worries and other similar emotions. If you want to make people you like and things that make you happy, the effect may be different.

  Walk for a walk.

Work is easy on the back end, when you feel nervous, stand up from the table and walk for 5 to 10 minutes, it will have a significant effect.

Experts confirmed that walking helps people calm down.

Volunteers are responsible for caring for the mentally handicapped elderly. This is a troublesome task. Volunteers insist on walking 4 times a week. They are not bothered, sleep better, and their blood pressure is always normal.

  Slow down your breath.

Slowly breathe for 5 minutes, inhale for 5 seconds every minute, and exhale for 5 seconds.

This method works well because the 5-second breath 5 seconds call is consistent with the 10-second natural cycle of blood pressure fluctuations.

Usually, when breathing, the breathing is fast and shallow, and the deep breathing can relax the muscles.

  Get up easily.

Relax in the bed for 5 minutes before going to sleep at night or after the alarm clock rings in the morning.

Always think about problems when you lie down and sleep, it will affect your sleep.

Get up in the morning and get nervous, and don’t think about it all day.

The method of relaxation is to tighten the toenails first, gradually relax, then the soles of the feet, the calves, the thighs, the buttocks. until the upper body, the facial muscles.

You will find that after relaxing, the spirit may also relax.