Frost fall health, we have to start from the feet and stomach

Frost fall health, we have to start from the feet and stomach

Frostfall – the last solar term in the fall.

(October 23) Frostfall indicates that the weather is getting colder and the dew begins to condense into frost.

It is also from this day, the fall is coming to an end, and the human spirit begins to be sealed.

Seasonal shifts, warm and cold, health care is especially important, and armor is ready for a cold winter.

Therefore, the folks have a statement that “the winter is not as good as the frost reduction”, and the “filling the autumn” is more important than the “replenishment of the winter.”

The season of frost is the peak of autumn, people’s essence begins to seal, eating nourishing food is easier to be digested, absorbed and collected, which is conducive to improving the function of organs and strengthening the body.

As the saying goes, “It is better to make up the frost than to make up the frost”, and think that “autumn supplement” is more important than “filling the winter”.

This solar term is when the beef and sheep are fat, you can properly simmer the mutton soup for the autumn supplement, accompanied by ginger, jujube, scallion, angelica, jaundice and other qi and blood, spleen Chinese herbal medicine, male and female edible.

Eating “welding rabbit meat” is also a good choice.

Rabbit meat is low in fat and high in protein, delicious in taste and high in nutritional value. It can replenish vital energy, cool blood and detoxify, especially suitable for diabetic patients.

The autumn season of the frosty season is like a dry autumn, easy to hurt the body fluid, many people will have dry mouth, dry lips, throat, constipation, dry skin.

Dry and easy to hurt the lungs will weaken the body’s immunity and not adapt to the cold of winter.

Diet should be nourishing Yin and moistening the lungs.

Appropriate consumption of sesame, glutinous rice, former rice, honey, alfalfa, pineapple, dairy and other soft foods, to benefit the stomach.

Folks also have the slang words of “flowers in spring, fruit in autumn”, sweet potatoes, hawthorn, yam, medlar, and glutinous rice are all suitable foods for this season.

In some areas where the chrysanthemum is more beautiful during the frost season, red persimmons should be eaten during the frost season, to moisturize the lungs and to make up the bones.

Persimmon has the effect of clearing heat, moistening the lungs, rubbing and relieving cough.

Persimmons are good, but the spleen and stomach are cold, the phlegm is damp, the thick and greasy tongue, and people with external cough, spleen diarrhea, malaria and other diseases are not suitable.

It must be noted that a large number of persimmons are eaten on an empty stomach or eaten with acidic foods. The persimmon phenol and the red feed in the persimmon are condensed into a hard block with stomach acid or acidic food to form a “persimmon stone”.

If there is “persimmon stone” in the stomach, it will cause stomach pain, nausea, vomiting and other discomfort. Persimmon should be eaten after meals.

Yuqing, Guizhou: During the frost season, the fruit farmers pick up the busy frost. Of course, we start from the feet and stomach, and the cold begins from the feet.

“The hot bath method is not very effective at first, but it has accumulated more than 100 days, and its function is not to be measured. It is a hundred times more effective than taking medicine.” Su Dongpo once praised the health benefits of hot water feet.

Keep your lower limbs warm, your body will feel warm, and hot feet are a good choice.

“Millions of feet” is spectacular but should be kept warm, but don’t wear cotton coat too early. The climate change after the frost falls, the temperature difference between day and night is very different. People with better physical condition don’t have to thicken their clothes immediately.To gradually enhance the ability to resist cold.

Children and the elderly with weaker resistance should gradually increase their clothes in order to avoid recurrence of old diseases or new diseases. They should not be increased or decreased in order to prevent cold and invade and induce new diseases.

In addition, strengthening exercise to enhance physical fitness, physical fitness, prevention of disease, is also the basis of anti-autumn.

The temperature of the frost is degraded, and the warmth of the stomach is also important.

In late autumn and winter, the temperature rises, and the cold stimulation makes people’s gastrointestinal regulation function disorder, gastric acid secretion increases, slender stimulation of the stomach, duodenal mucosa.

At the same time, the cold or cause the body’s own impurities, lack of oxygen.

Under the influence of various factors, the defense barrier of the gastrointestinal mucosa is destroyed, causing acute gastritis and even peptic ulcer.

For those who have suffered or have suffered from peptic ulcer, avoid hard-to-digest foods and alcohols such as blister, oil, fried, fried, fried, acidic diet, strong tea, coffee, etc.

At this time, it is advisable to eat foods that are semi-liquid and contain protein, impurities, and vitamins slightly higher, such as rice porridge, egg yolk soup, steamed eggs, lotus root starch, honey, juice and other light and easy to digest foods.