What should the male god’s first killer hair loss eat?

What should the male god’s first killer hair loss eat?

First, what should I eat for men with hair loss?

Protein is the most important constituent of hair. When the protein in the body is lacking, hair may be slow, loose, or even replaced because of lack of nutrients.

Under normal circumstances, men who work under the human body are more likely to consume a lot of energy and lack protein. Therefore, they must be supplemented from the diet and become protein foods including beef, eggs, milk, fish and shrimp.

The second point is that some men’s hair loss may be caused by kidney deficiency. Science proves that kidney deficiency is one of the important causes of hair loss. Therefore, if you feel that your hair loss is caused by kidney deficiency, then kidney supplementation with food is irreplaceable.

As a result, animal liver, fish and shrimp, sesame, walnut and other foods can effectively tonify the kidney.

In addition, it is also a good method to supplement kidney with traditional Chinese medicine, such as yam, medlar, Cordyceps sinensis, Polygonum multiflorum, etc. This is the method that male hair loss should eat.

The third point, what should I eat for vitamin supplementation in men?

Vitamins are also essential for healthy hair growth, especially vitamin B2.

B6 has a direct effect on hair growth.

Men’s hair loss should be targeted for vitamin supplements. In general, we can add enough vitamins from fruits and vegetables, such as soybeans, carrots, kelp, mushrooms and so on.

Fourth, what should I eat for iron and zinc male hair loss?

Iron and zinc are important trace elements in the development of many tissues of the human body. They also have a direct promoting effect on the growth of hair. When iron and zinc are lacking in the body, it is easy to cause hair to become yellow, thin and replace.

Therefore, men’s hair loss should be preferred to supplement iron and zinc trace elements.

Foods containing iron and zinc are: spinach, celery, animal liver, lotus seeds, kelp and so on.