[Can Luffa Fry Beef]_ Vegetable Melon _ Taboo

[Can Luffa Fry Beef]_ Vegetable Melon _ Taboo

Many people in our life especially like to eat beef, because the nutritional value of beef is very high, and compared to the meat of other animals, beef tastes better. Many people eat beef when they eat it.I like to stir-fry with some green vegetables. The nutritional value of loofah is relatively high, so many people want to eat loofah and beef together. Can the loofah be fried with beef? Raw materials: 250 grams of beef leg, one loofah, one eggOnly, raw oil, oyster sauce, soy sauce, sesame oil, sugar, salt, Taibai powder, cooking wine, ginger slices, garlic, green onions.

Method: 1. Cut the beef shank (I chose it because the part is tender), cut into thin slices, put oyster sauce, soy sauce, sugar, salt, too white flour, cooking wine, eggs, water into the bowl and mix well, addMix the beef slices, then add the raw oil and mix well. 2. Shave the skin of the loofah, wash it, and cut it with a diagonal knife, and set aside.Soup; 4, put raw oil in a hot pot, and when the oil is hot to 60%, put the beef slices into the pot and fry the oil until it is cooked out and set aside.

Add ginger slices, garlic, and fry a few times in the original pot. Pour in loofah, add salt, sugar, and fry for 2 minutes. Then add beef slices, praise the wine, add the soup and stir well, and serve.
Can loofah be eaten with beef? A nutritionist introduced that loofah can be eaten with beef. Loofah is a favorite vegetable in summer. It is cool and refreshing. It is delicious whether it is fried or roasted.

Luffa fried beef materials: 300 grams of beef, 100 grams of red pepper, 20 grams of garlic, 10 grams of oil, an appropriate amount of salt, 1 spoon of sugar.

5 spoons soy sauce 1 teaspoon oyster sauce 1 teaspoon cooking wine 1 teaspoon powder 1 teaspoon

Wash the beef, red pepper, garlic, and peel the loofah. It is best to leave a little green and not peeled, and it feels crispy.


Loofah is cut into oblique blades, garlic and red pepper are sliced, beef is sliced, salt, sugar, soy sauce, raw flour, and cooking oil are marinated.


The loofah and red peppers are scalded in boiling water. The time is not long. After the water is boiled, the pan is removed. It is removed from the water in about 30 seconds. Of course, remember that the water is slightly wider.


Heat the pan, add oil, fry the beef first, then fry the garlic slices in the pan.


Dip the cooking wine along the side of the pot to add aroma.


Loofah and red peppers stir fry.


Pour into a bowl of juice (water, salt, sugar, oyster sauce, cooking oil, raw flour) 8.

Stir quickly on high heat, and then simmer out of the pan.

Tips: 1.

The water out of the loofah is mainly the part of the loquat. It is much better to cut it down. At the same time, in order to add a bit of crispy texture, you can leave it properly when shaving, but this only applies to the tender loofah., The skin is not peeled, but it is really not delicious.


Prepare a bowl of juice in advance, and don’t mess with the seasonings with your hands.


It should not be fried for a long time throughout the spring. Remember that it is right to stir fry quickly. Eat immediately after frying. After a long time, loofah is easy to change color and make soup.

Beef ca n’t be eaten with anything. Beef cannot be eaten with pork. Beef belongs to mild meat, while pork is slightly cold. Eat the two together. One hot and one cold, the two flavors are inconsistent.Cause abdominal discomfort.

Beef is not warm meat with white wine, and white wine is a hot food. If the two are eaten together, it will cause a fire, inflammation of the mouth, and inflammation of the mouth.

Beef cannot be eaten with chives. Beef belongs to warm food, and leek belongs to hot food, as well as ginger.

Therefore, beef is not suitable to be eaten with these hot vegetable seasonings, otherwise it will become angry and have abdominal heat.

Beef cannot be eaten with honey. Beef is slightly hot. Honey is used to moisturize the stomach. If honey is eaten with beef, it will immediately cause diarrhea.

Therefore, if you eat beef, drink honey after eight hours.

Or eat beef after drinking honey for eight hours.