[Can pregnant women eat mulberries]_mulberries_pregnancy_can you eat

[Can pregnant women eat mulberries]_mulberries_pregnancy_can you eat

Mulberry is the fruit of mulberry tree. It is very common in summer. Because it is sour and sweet and very delicious, it is very popular with the people, but we all know that the diet of pregnant women needs to pay great attention to you.Where is mulberry?

Let’s find out.

Efficacy and role of pregnant women in eating mulberry: 1. Supplemental nutrition. Mulberry is rich in nutritional value and is 5 times higher than apples. It is especially rich in vitamins and active proteins. These are very beneficial for pregnant women.

2. Stomach strengthening and digestion. Mulberry contains fat and malic acid, which can promote the digestion of protein and starch. It is a very good fruit for pregnant women with anorexia, especially for pregnant women.

3, the beauty Wufa mulberry contains a large amount of vitamin C, fruit acid, Ufa, etc., it can improve blood circulation, so that the skin can maintain a good healthy state, especially for the elderly and beauty,The anti-aging effect, of course, also has the effect of UFA.

4. Improving immunity and resistance During pregnancy, women’s physical resistance and immunity are relatively weak, and the high-quality nutrition in mulberry can also enhance pregnant women’s resistance and immunity.

5, anti-cancer anti-cancer mulberry contains the effect of preventing the spread of tumor cells, is a very good auxiliary food to prevent cancer cell apoptosis.

In general, mulberry has high nutritional value, which is very beneficial for pregnant women after eating. However, mulberry is cold and has a high sugar content. It is better to eat it in moderation.

Precautions for pregnant women to eat mulberries 1. Eating mulberries should be rich in nutritional value, but you should not eat more.

The volatile oil contained in mulberry has an irritating effect on the digestive tract, inhibits a variety of digestive enzymes in the body, and causes hemorrhagic enteritis and nosebleeds.

Immature mulberries cannot be eaten because mulberries contain a large amount of trypsin inhibitor-gluconic acid, which will affect the body’s absorption of iron, calcium, zinc and other substances.

2. When buying mulberries, be careful when buying mulberries. Pay attention to that the pellets are full, thick, without water, and relatively strong, which is better.

If the mulberry is darker in color and sweeter, and the inside is more raw, pay attention to it, it may be dyed.

So be sure to pay attention when buying.